By: B.J. Fleming

I recently went to Las Vegas for the premier of “The Expendables” and to get a taste of Harrahs Entertainment‘s Diamond level perks packages, and there was a lot about the trip that impressed me.  One of the most impressive things, though, was their new trip customization program called Total Experience.

The Total Experience program allows you to contact them with a set of criteria, or even the kernel of an idea – “I want a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties” – and they take it from there.  And they really take it.  In talking with one of the Total Experience members, Marketing Development Manager, Derrick Chu, I was surprised with not only the height of luxury and the depth of detail of the activities suggested, but the exclusivity.  Signing on for Total Experience opens a lot of literal and figurative doors for you – stuff the public is not allowed to buy, enter, or in some cases even know about.  I talked to him for about a half hour, and in that time, we constructed the perfect Made Man Vegas vacation.  Here it is.

Day 1

Starts with a super stretch limo pickup from the Airport to the Hotel segued into Diamond Status Check-In and access to the Diamond Lounge for Total Experiences Guests who book suites and amenities.  This means you cut the lines and walk into an entire, seperate room for your check in.  It’s instant, painless, and interestingly pleasantly quieter than the hustling, bustling thrum of the normal hotel lobby.  You’ll be staying at one of the Imperial Suites in Caesar’s – there are several available, but Derrick suggested the 6-bedroom iteration of which there are only two in the entire city.  See below for (seriously) a floating bed.

Golf at Rio Secco

Derrick said he always suggests groups of guys go gofling early in the trip, “for obvious reasons.”  We assume they have to do with the late nights to come and most people’s inability to crush drives the morning after shutting down a VIP area at a club. Rio Secco is pleased to offer the world famous “T-Mate” Program.  Guests of Rio Secco can reserve a T-Mate who will serve as your golf concierge and host/hostess during your round. Not only are they young and attractive ladies, but their caddie skills have been tested through an intensive training program, and tee to green can match up to any traditional caddie program anywhere.

Alternatively, you can play the Cascata Golf Course which is our $60 million dollar golf course with a 415 foot waterfall from the top of the mountain through the clubhouse with engraved lockers (see pic).  If you’re particularly ambitious, and you ought to be this early in the trip, go for two rounds – one on each course.

Private Dining at Rao’s

Made Man Perfect because, if you Google it, you’ll find that the New York location is basically impossible to get into.  However, with Total Experience, you’ll have access to a private dining room at Rao’s as well as tasting menus from the chef so you can eat a high end meal separated from the hoi poloi.  And you’ll need your sustenance, because after this, you’re going to be exposed to a few more prime cuts.


Holly Madison’s “Peepshow” is an old-school burlesque style show with a lot of modern flair.  The show is amazing – I saw it when I was there – but the real advantage of Total Experience is two fold.  First, you’ll get a celebrity meet and greet with Playboy Playmate and star of Holly’s World on E!, Holly Madison.  Secondly, you’ll get front row VIP show tickets, a champagne toast, and personal pictures with Holly Madison after the show.  You’ve never looked at naked women in such a classy way before.

Day 2

Cabana at the Venus Pool at Caesars – Adult European Style Bathing pool

Back when the topless pool trend all started, it was just Caesar’s Palace versus the world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but Caesar’s did start the topless trend in Vegas and continues it each season with the Venus Pool Club.

Cabanas, daybeds, and ample lounge chairs are available at the Caesar’s Palace Venus pool, as is a bar and food menu. Check out the flavored mojitos for a special treat. Surrounded by white columns and desert foliage, four pools, a lap pool, as well as a unique 10,000-square-foot round pool turn the Venus pool Las Vegas into a desert oasis. You don’t even have to put on your own sunscreen here. For a fee, the spa staff will apply it for you! Or you can get the usual spa fare with a massage or relaxation treatment poolside. While there is sometimes a DJ turning up the Venus pool party, usually this is more simply the Venus Pool Club-a place to relax among the Romanesque columns and calming white décor.

Caesars Limo Ride Out to the Gun Range

Gun Range for the Automatic Weapons shooting. You can fire an assortment of Uzi, MP5s , Mac10 and Desert Eagles.  It’s exactly as great as it sounds, and there’s nothing more revitalizing for the body, mind and soul than launching a lead projectile into a target of your choosing in mutual obliteration.

Hash House a Go Go Dinner

Hash House a Go Go at Imperial Palace is, well, hard to describe. Sure, it’s a “restaurant.” But saying Hash House a Go Go is a restaurant is akin to saying the Mona Lisa is a doodle. It just doesn’t do it justice. Hash House a Go Go is billed as serving “twisted farm food,” and if by “twisted” they mean “spectacular,” they’d be right.  Hash House a Go Go has been featured in TV shows like “Man vs. Food,” “Rachael Ray’s Vacation,” Martha Stewart and Dr. Phil. Renowned for its mammoth portions, Hash House a Go Go serves a number of its offerings on 18-inch plates. That’s a foot-and-a-half of plate. We literally saw some dishes being served with the assistance of backhoes.  then begins your amazing 3-part afterhours experience.

Voodoo Lounge

The Voododoo Lounge is one of the more exclusive clubs on the strip.  It’s on the 52nd floor of the RIO and you’ll be looking down onto the strip from the outdoor patio where you’ll get bottle service.  But don’t stay too long, because…

Spearmint Rhino

Through the Total Experience program you will get comped limo pickup and special backdoor entrance and access to the VIP Champagne Area of the Spearmint Rhino.  However, if you’ve got a larger party or just like to party large, there is a special limo service available in which they pick you up in a converted semi truck limo built to party down.

Drais Nightclub

For the after hours party – this is the place to go after the clubs close down and starts around 4am.  Drais is the swanky, red-lit club where you wind down your evening with any ladies you may have picked up along the way.  Good end to a full-throttle day and night.

Day 3

Qua Spa 

This is a great way to get over a hangover.  Inside Qua, they’ve got several steamy treatments to soak and sweat the toxins out of your body.  Among them are the Roman Spa experience which is a highly-social hot tub experience akin to the meet-and-greet relaxing that the ancients did before us.  And before hot tub jets, we suppose.  They’ve also got a wall of rain, heated napping chairs, juice bar and most impressively, the Arctic Room.  After you steam yourself in one of two steam rooms or the cedar sauna, you go into the chilled ice room to bring your body temperature back to regular (see below).

Racing Exotic Cars Experience

At the Las Vegas Speedway, you’ll have opportunities to (now that you’re sobered up) drive high performance vehicles at ludicrous speeds through challenging courses.  If you’ve got a sensible car back home, don’t admit it here.  You’ll going to get hands-on experience with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsches, Audis, Aston Martins and more.

Dinner at Guy Savoy  

Restaurant Guy Savoy is the only place in America to experience the elegant cuisine of Guy Savoy, one of France’s most revered and award-winning chefs. He’s received three Michelin stars, an entry in the Larousse encyclopedia, the Legion d’Honneur from the French Minister of Agriculture and was voted France’s Chef of the Year by his peers.

Restaurant Guy Savoy is proud to introduce our very own Krug Room, the first in the United States after those in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. This private dining room is an exclusive enclave where guests can gather and enjoy an evening of superb cuisine, stimulating conversation and exceptional Champagne from the House of Krug. The Krug Room features contemporary art and elegant Krug-brand accessories along with an ever-changing seasonal menu. This summer, enjoy six courses of Chef Savoy’s world-renowned tastes, including Colors of Caviar and Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices. These dishes are paired with various Krug vintages from 1985 through 1995, creating a perfect fusion of flavors.

Pure Nightclub

VIP Entrance with no waiting, Bottle Service and Total Experience can even get groups on the stage at Pure Nightclub where we can make guys into superstars for the night and have people invite females into their areas.

Suite Party 

This is where you can invite everyone that you met during the stay for a late night suite party. Everyone loves to hang out in cool suites. Room Service can set you up with anything including liquor and food that you need to make your party an instant success.