We’ve all been there – deep in the throes of passion where you simply cannot be bothered to take the extra half second to unclaps a bra or slip panties artfully off your lady’s legs. There’s simply no time for such needless ceremony. *RIP*

After you sober up from sex, though, you realize that lacy under-things can be somewhat pricy, and although it was worth it in the moment, now you’re faced with accompanying your unsupported lover to the store for some emotional and financial support. No longer with the Dement magnetic lingerie.

Designed to be ripped and re-ripped from the body of your all-too-excited companion, this lingerie set was created by Laetitia Schlumberger using nearly-invisible magnets to hold it together at the crucial junctures.   It can be purchased for between €70 and 90 for bras and between €50 and 60 for panties. Check their site for distribution locales.