In recent years the price of a cold one at the ballpark has grown astronomically. It’s almost as if I can’t afford to get drunk enough to like my crappy team anymore.

But which MLB fields are the most conducive to getting plastered without breaking the bank?

The chart to the left and these statistics, care of Darren Rovell over at CNBC, explain that the Phillies offer the cheapest beer. You can get a 21-ounce beer for a very reasonable $5 at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Yet another reason Philly rocks.

Even though the Phillies are competitively priced at 24 cents an ounce, that is still quite a mark-up from the approx. 8 cents an ounce you would pay for a 6-pack of ‘decent’ domestic beer at your local store.

Surprisingly, the Yankees don’t crack the top 5 most expensive ballparks to get a beer. I could have sworn last time I was there I paid something like 9 or 10 bucks for a bottle of Bud. And what are the Toronto Blue Jays doing up there? Is this some sort of weird currency exchange pricing scheme?

But if you’re really looking for some cheap brews, head over to catch a home game with the Sioux Falls Canaries, where beer is FREE from 5-6 pm on Thursdays. For some reason only 10-15 people take advantage of the deal. Wow, are the Canaries really that horrible of a team that you wouldn’t watch them if they gave you free beer? I guess they are.

In his blog post, Darren also goes on to explain the high markup in beer prices is not just a price-gouging maneuver, but also a safety precaution. If beers got any cheaper, there would be some unruly fans causing violence at the park. You mean to tell me people do dumb things when they’re drunk? Impossible:

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Cleveland Indians had 10-cent beer night for a game against the Texas Rangers in 1974. The promotion tripled the average attendance of 8,000 fans, but predictably it ended in forfeit. Not a surprise considering fans could buy six cups at a time.

Those were the good ole days, weren’t they? What I wouldn’t give now for six or seven 10-cent beers at the bottom of the ninth when my team is down by 10 runs. Increase the ticket prices to pay for additional security/riot police and then bring back ultra-cheap beers!

CNBC: How Cheap Should A Beer Be?, June 20, 2008