I really didn’t believe in the concept of Coinstar (CSTR) I’d seen the machines in the store and think “Who is going to pay the high percentage to change their coins into cash?” Then I went around the store and looked around and had an easy answer. Most of America. What finally changed my mind was the new concept of changing that spare change into gift cards with the full value of the change and no percentage charged. The company the gift card was for would pick up the difference. I now think this could be really big. Margins are back up after a few acquistions and they are finally starting to get some economies of scale. Here is why I am a buyer. Wal-Mart. They are testing machines at Wally World. If one goes in a every store this will be huge. If you can cash it out and get a Gift Card for Wal-Mart everyone wins. I may play this just for the announcement.