Hair has always been something with which I’m incredibly fascinated, especially when it comes to someone’s personal style. I’m always perusing men passing by me on the street and I, of course, love having a mixture of both ultra-short and long hair, due to my ever-evolving undercut.

But there is always one hairstyle that stirs up controversy. It evokes a roaring fire in many straight women and gay men who are ready to take a stand. This hairstyle you may ask: the ever-powerful man bun.

Now, listen up, I know this might be a touchy subject for many of you reading this, because there are some of you that are so passionate on either end of the spectrum—wanting to run your fingers through those luscious, long locks or perhaps chop someone’s long hair right off. But think about why the man bun has such a sex appeal to so many.

In the words of the late, great Diana Vreeland, the man bun has a certain “allure” to it. It’s one hairstyle that has transcended demographics of men. Have you ever noticed that new-aged businessman charging on in his navy blue suit, cropped pants, colorful socks, a leather bag in hand and his slick hair tied back into a bun? Or artists and musicians of sorts congregating in their oversized trousers with cut-off hems, vintage sweaters and bowling alley shirts tucked lazily, Vans Lo-Skate shoes (which, if you don’t own, you simply must), retro glasses and, you guessed it, a man bun? (Can you tell my type?)

While I don’t think I can pull it off, many men can. And do.

And while we consider it a predominantly urban “trend” that came about in the early 2010s, this is a hairstyle that has been around for ages. Look at the Colonial period, or even earlier, the high courts of Europe, to see how long this so-called “trend” has been around. It’s had its “allure” for centuries.

The man bun is not a messy or lazy look; it’s a way of being, or better yet, “laissez-faire.” This isn’t a style men or women should be afraid of, by any means. I applaud my non-conforming comrades as they take charge of their hair and do what they may! Because after all, confidence is the sexiest.

Photo: iStock/@vgajic