I went to a meeting at the local High School to attend a meeting thanking the sponsors for their interns. I have a nice young lady from the high school that comes to the nursery as an intern instead of going to school in the afternoon. It gives the high achieving kids a chance to get hands on experience that can’t be experienced in school. The interns are always exceptional and highly motivated students. It works well for both sides. Here is what caught me off guard. When I went this year, all of the interns were young girls. My intern dresses appropriately and tend to be sort of tomboyish. This was not the case for the other young ladies. They had the tightest clothes on you could wear. There were short shirts, short skirts, and nothing left to the imagination. These girls did not exist when I was in high school. It was all I could do to not seem like a pervert. I kept looking away every time they pulled down their skirt or down their shirt so their stomach didn’t show or up so they didn’t hang out. It was ridiculous. This must be fine with everyone else even though this was an award meeting. Parents were there, teachers were there and everyone else seemed fine with it. I myself am fine with it but I have no idea how the young boys get anything done in school. PS I have a young daughter and I’m afraid at this rate they’ll be wearing bikinis and making out with other girls in class by the time she’s in high school.