Always wanted a butler but don’t have the cash? Well, the Virtual Butler Mirror is also a lot cooler than having a person walking around your home, and is something that will totally impress all your guests.

It’s a mirror that actually speaks to you and keeps an eye on your place, straight out of a fairy tale. Not sold? Just read what this thing can do. The Virtual Butler Mirror hangs on any wall and serves a lot of purposes. It can act as security for your place, hooking up to CCTV and alerting you of somebody at the door, coming or going, your garage door opening, or even a car pulling into your driveway. That weird face will actually appear in the mirror and tell you. It can also do a split screen in which it can cut to any camera in the house. So it can actually show you who’s at your front door without you leaving your living room. It can even actually tell you when your hot tub is at the perfect temperature. A bit pricey at $20,000, the Virtual Butler Mirror is definitely something you’ll have to save up for. You can read more about it here.