Think you’re a busy guy? Besides writing scripts for movie studios, editing his upcoming standup album and cracking wise on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari hits the big screen this weekend as Jesse Eisenberg’s skeptical sidekick in 30 Minutes or Less. Made Man grabbed him at a party, where he shared his wisdom about knives, foosball, dating and the importance of good tailoring.

MADE MAN: Your career is really taking off. Are you excited?
AZIZ ANSARI: We’ll see! Maybe in a couple of months everyone will hate me and I’ll be dumped. Might as well live it up while I can!

MM: Why are you such an overachiever?
AA: I really just enjoy doing these things. In life, you just have to find the things that make you happy. It’s not hard to be motivated for that reason.

MM: What do you never leave home without?
AA: A really big knife, in case I need to stab someone.

MM: What’s your drink of choice at the end of the day?
AA: I like this drink called Gold Rush. You can make it with bourbon or tequila. It’s really good.

MM: Got a fitness tip?
AA: I try to exercise every day. I made a really good exercise tape with eighties and nineties music, and that has definitely motivated me.

MM: What advice would you give to the nerdy guy who is kinda intimidated when approaching women?
AA: So what are you trying to say about me?!? I think if you are very smart and confident, that puts you ahead of most of the guys out there.

MM: Comic books have gone from geeky to cool. What other seemingly dorky hobby actually impresses the ladies?
AA: Hopefully foosball playing, because I am really good at foosball! And maybe chess.

MM: Tell a few jokes while you’re meeting a girl, or just be yourself?
AA: Just be yourself. Or better yet, be Bruce Willis. But if you can’t be Bruce, then yeah, I guess just be yourself.

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve heard from a woman?
AA: My mom always said to be really nice to people. And I really try to do so. I try to be a good person. May not get me anywhere, but at least I try.

MM: What would you tell guys who want to do standup?
AA: You know, if you really like it, just start doing it. That goes for anything in life. Hopefully, you will improve in a few years.

MM: Any final words of wisdom?
AA: Find a good tailor. Look at all these guys at this party who have jackets that don’t fit well! Jackets really do make the man!