There’s nobody else in the NBA like Brook Lopez. (And that’s saying something, because he has a twin brother, Robin, who plays for the New Orleans Hornets.) The Brooklyn Nets seven-footer is the highest-scoring center in the league (19.4 ppg!) and one of the few old-school bigs left in the game. So with the NBA playoffs tipping off this weekend, we caught up with Lopez at an adidas event to talk custom suits, pregame music and, of course, Teen Wolf.

“It’s about as far as you can get, really, going from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. Playing in that borough, it’s a completely different atmosphere.

MADE MAN: Your Nets are back in the playoffs for the first time in six years. What’s the biggest difference between playing in New Jersey and playing in Brooklyn?
BROOK LOPEZ: Obviously they’re very close in proximity. But it’s crazy, it’s about as far as you can get, really, going from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. Playing in that borough, it’s a completely different atmosphere. We’ve really had our fan base grow a ton, we see guys out there wearing Brooklyn Nets gear, coming up to us and talking about basketball. And on the flip side, they expect a lot from us. And we’re working to live up to expectations.

MM: You’re one of the few current NBA big men who can score in the low post. Do you feel like you’re an endangered species?
BL: Ha ha. I don’t know if I am or not, but I do pride myself on being a center. Some guys don’t like to be called “center” because they think it’s limiting or whatnot, but I’m very proud of being one of the true centers in the game.

MM: Do you think you’re the best big man in the league?
BL: I don’t know about that. I think I’m one of the best, definitely.

MM: They’re making a sequel to the movie Twins. Are you excited?
BL: Well, I don’t know why they didn’t ask me to be in it. No appearance request or anything.

MM: Did you see the first one?
BL: I actually haven’t. Do I need to go watch that tonight?

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen Twins!”

MM: Yeah, you do. Stop everything and watch that, possibly twice. What’s the most common twins question you get?
BL: Probably about like ESP and stuff. Like if (Robin) gets hard-fouled or something, do I feel it.

MM: And do you?
BL: No. But there are situations where, if you asked us a question, we would both have the same answer and both think of it at the same instant.

MM: You’re a big guy. Is it tough to find clothes that fit? Do you have to get your stuff custom made?
BL: I have my adidas sponsorship, so they definitely take care of me. But then, like my suits and everything, I have custom made.

MM: What would be your NBA all-style team?
BL: Let’s see. Probably both D-Will and Joe (Johnson) from my team, no question. Keyon Dooling I have to throw in there. Keyon’s my guy. I think he dresses fabulously. I like James Harden’s stuff. It’s a little offbeat, I like it a lot. And then probably I’d say D-Wade. He’s classy too.

MM: What’s your go-to style move?
BL: I try to keep it pretty clean and simple. I like the sleeker fit. I like to not necessarily play it safe but go with the clean look. In a suit.

MM: What’s one piece of clothing every guy needs to have in his closet?
BL: I always like to rock my baseball caps. I’m a huge Detroit Tigers fan, so I rep Detroit a lot. I rep Stanford. I rep Brooklyn, and that’s probably it.

“Sorry, bro, it’s nothing personal…”

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten about women and who gave it to you?
BL: I don’t know if anyone has ever given me great advice, but I say,  just be yourself and be straightforward. Don’t try to be anything you’re not. That’s what I’m always telling my buddies.

MM: This is kind of a crazy one, but… Wilt Chamberlain–
BL: That’s not a good start to this question!

MM: Wilt Chamberlain is known for bedding 10,000 women. What current NBA player has the best chance of breaking that record?
BL: Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to go with my guy, Hump. Kris Humphries. I think he’d take that as a compliment.

MM: Well, he’s got the right nickname for it.
BL: Ha ha. I didn’t say that, you said that!

MM: Best basketball movie ever?
BL: Teen Wolf. I love that movie.

MM: What’s your favorite pregame song to get you hyped up?
BL: I used to always listen to Michael Jackson’s “Speed Demon” before every game. It’s my favorite Mike song, probably my favorite song ever. I enjoy it. It’s a fast song, gets me going.

MM: Any parting words of wisdom for guys?
BL: Do the opposite of what I’d do and you’ll be fine.