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Hulkamaniacs! Here’s the rest of our Hulk Hogan Q&A, just in time for Movember. These days, the golden-haired grappler is showing up everywhere, from TNA’s Impact Wrestling on Spike to Hulk Hogan’s Main Event—the first full-body motion-based wrestling game—on Xbox 360. And he’s got a fistful of advice on staying fit, dating a hottie like his daughter Brooke and, of course, grooming a sweet ’stache.

MADE MAN: What do you never leave home without?
HULK HOGAN: My wallet. Money is a necessity in making your life easier.

MM: What’s your drink of choice at the end of a tough day?
HH: I like water in a glass bottle. I don’t feel like drinking beer, wine or alcohol, I’m not into juices or sodas. I just like good tasting water. Now that I understand how many cancer-causing agents there are in plastic, anything less than water in a glass bottle would be uncivilized.

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve heard about women, and who gave it to you?
HH: Well, I remember the advice Andre the Giant gave to me, but it’s not true. He said, women are all the same. But it’s just not true.

brooke hogan shows her sexy stomach while hulk hogan flexes

MM: Your daughter’s kind of a babe. If a guy is meeting his hot girlfriend’s dad for the first time, what’s your advice?
HH: I would tell him to look him straight in the eye, don’t look away. Shake his hand. Really let him know you are a good guy…don’t be fake or phony. Dad will see right through it. Works for me!

MM: Got a fitness tip?
HH: Consistency is the key. I was always really consistent with exercise. Now after eight back surgeries in a row and lying in bed for two years—the doctors actually told me I would never walk again—I’ve trained through the injury, followed my gut and listened to my body, and I am back to working out seven days a week, and being very consistent with what I put into my body. So even if you don’t feel good, get the blood flowing, get the metabolic rate up. Even if it’s a short workout, the metabolic rate keeps burning for 24 hours, even after you quit working out.

MM: Best moustache grooming advice?
HH: Always keep it even, long enough to cover part of your lip, but not too long to cover your teeth. And always, always, always keep it clean! The first one who is going to smell it is you, so keep it clean brother!

MM: Any parting words of wisdom?
HH: Listen to that little voice inside you. If it feels good, and you are listening to your gut feeling, you know you are on the right path. You are either in the flow or  you are not. But if it doesn’t feel good, it means you are not in the flow. Doesn’t matter how much you know or have read. If you can stay in the presence of that God, Allah, Force, whatever you want to call it, higher power, then things are going to be happening really good for you. Just be happy and be a good person.

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