Anytime you’re about to fight a guy named “Rampage,” you should be scared. Unless of course you’re Jon “Bones” Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champ and a 6’4”, 205-pound ass-kicker favored 5 to 1. For more on Saturday’s UFC 135 matchups, check out our bro site Cage Potato’s take on the odds. But first, read Jones’ advice on women, booze and autograph-seekers. And don’t ask him to sign your belt.

MADE MAN: What item do you never leave home without, and why?
JON “BONES” JONES: When I’m on the road, I try not to leave home without a toothbrush. In general, I don’t leave home without my K-Swisses. [Full disclosure: the dude is sponsored by K-Swiss.]

MM: What’s your drink of choice after a tough day of work?
JBJ: A glass of merlot. Or a Jack and Coke.

MM: What grooming, style or fitness thing can a guy do in the morning to look good all day?
JBJ: The first thing I do is wash my face to prevent acne. Because I had a lot of acne growing up.

MM: Seriously? How’d you beat that?
JBJ: I didn’t beat it. I was really insecure throughout high school. I was never really popular or anything. Like, I sung in jazz choir. But I just hung in there. And now… everything’s changed.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about women, and who gave it to you?
JBJ: Don’t be intimidated. I mean, that’s just common sense.

MM: What can UFC teach guys about being better men?
JBJ: It teaches you work ethic. How to put it all on the line and go for it. And how to sacrifice.

MM: Speaking of work, what’s it like working with Danny McBride on those crazy shoe commercials?
JBJ: It’s awesome. You know what, before the shoot I just thought he was funny. Now I realize that he’s gifted. I have a whole different level of respect for him.

MM: Which is harder, shooting a bunch of commercials or trying to beat somebody’s face in?
JBJ: I don’t know. In the Octagon you have your shirt off in front of millions of viewers, you have the chance of being knocked unconscious in front of your high school teachers, the kids from your church, all that. Like, everyone’s going to see it if you lose. So it takes a lot of guts.

MM: Is there a personality shift when you step in the Octagon? Do you become “Bones” at that point?
JBJ: Yeah, definitely. I have a lot of faith in myself when it comes to my fighting and my talent. I take it so seriously as far as meditation, notes, visualization, preparation, everything. I take it a lot more serious than a lot of people that play this sport. I’m obsessed with the game that I play.

MM: What’s one thing you would change about MMA if you could?
JBJ: It’s a silly one. I would make it so that there were no replica belts out there. I hate when people come up to me with a belt that looks exactly like mine and ask me to sign it. It’s like, excuse me, I worked out three times a day for three years to get this belt, and now you have one that looks just like mine? Are you serious? I never sign them. I’m like, dude, it’s personal.

MM: Do you sign other things?
JBJ: I sign absolutely anything anybody ever asks me except belts. I sign shoes, shirts… boobs.

MM: Be honest—are you the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world?
JBJ: There are so many great guys out there and so many great techniques and styles. To me, martial arts is like a ladder that you never make it to the top of.

MM: So who’s your favorite pound-for-pound MMA fighter?
JBJ: Pound-for-pound favorite mixed martial artist would have to be Anderson Silva. He’s defended his belt like 10 times in a row now, he rarely gets hit, his accuracy is right on, and if he spoke English, you would probably hear a lot more about him.

MM: Who do you see as the future heavyweight champ of UFC?
JBJ: Arthur Jones, my brother. He started training in MMA to prepare for this NFL season [Arthur’s a defensive end with the Ravens], and he was kicking everybody’s butt at my gym. He’s an amazing athlete. He’s big, he’s a great wrestler, he understands leverage. He’s going to be great. He can beat half the guys in UFC right now.

MM: Any parting words of wisdom?
JBJ: Believe in yourself. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, the world won’t believe in you.

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