When life hands you lemons, you put a slice in your Hefeweizen. And when life hands you an NBA lockout, and you’re 6’10” double-double king Kevin Love, you get similarly creative. First, Love starred with Blake Griffin in an ESPYs mock ad offering to swat ceiling flies for around $9 million. Now, he’s pledged to play pro beach volleyball later this month at the Manhattan Beach Open. Along with volley babes Jess Gysin and Christal Engle (above), we caught up with the multitalented Timberwolf at a Jose Cuervo event in Times Square to talk money, women, basketball and booze. You know, boring stuff.

MADE MAN: What item do you never leave home without, and why?
KEVIN LOVE: My phone and my wallet. Also my keys. So I can get back into my place.

MM: Good thinking. What’s your drink after a tough day at work?
KL: Can it be non-alcoholic?

MM: Sure.
KL: I can say Jose Cuervo, right?

MM: You can. But you should know that Jose Cuervo has alcohol. What can a guy do in the morning to look and feel good all day?
KL: More than anything, to refresh myself every morning, I take a shower right away. Just to wake myself up, feel good, get the sleep out of my eyes. Just really pick myself up and give myself energy.

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about women, and who gave it to you?
KL: Just tell the truth. Nobody necessarily gave that to me, but I just learned it throughout having different relationships and dating. That’s the best advice I can give. Just be honest. No matter what.

MM: Okay, let’s talk about the gorilla in the room: the lockout. When’s it going to be settled?
KL: Soon. We’re going to play 82 games. That’s what I’m hoping for, at least.

MM: You did the 1-800-LOCKOUT commercial, which was funny. Now you’re playing beach volleyball. If the NBA season really doesn’t happen, what are you gonna do?
KL: Keep working on my game, keep working on my craft. I want to be as multi-faceted as possible and have fun. I mean, it’s a lockout, and everybody’s saying it’s going to be a long one. So I just want to keep working on my game and not take myself too seriously.

MM: Would you go to Europe at all, or is that out of the question?
KL: It’s definitely in the question, just because there’s money to be made over there, whether it’s in Europe… some people have mentioned the Philippines, China. You know, there are certain places where you can make a ton of money and also gain a ton of exposure and increase your fan base. So I think you have to look at it in a pretty serious light.

MM: Do you have a favorite non-NBA team that you’d like to play for? Other than the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters of the Philippine Basketball Association, of course?
KL: Not necessarily. I mean, obviously, Ricky Rubio’s team [FC Barcelona], that would be nice to play with him and just get to know him a little bit. I would just want anybody that’s going to gain me great exposure and a team that’s going to be fun to play for and help me continue to get better at the game.

MM: You were profiled in ESPN The Magazine’s money issue as being a guy who takes really good care of his money. Any parting words of wisdom, financially?
KL: I’ve been called relatively frugal. But for me I just try to cut my costs and cut my monthly nut by not having too many people on my payroll and saving most of my money. So my advice would be, cut out excessive and nonsense spending, really.

MM: So get rid of all but one full-time car washer? Cool, got it.