“I’m English and I’ve got a face like the back of a bus,” Malcolm McDowell theorizes about why he’s often cast as a bad guy. But his latest role is a departure. After four decades embodying everyone from psycho Alex in A Clockwork Orange to diabolical Daniel Linderman in Heroes, he plays Stanton Infeld, an L.A. law partner who hires the titular maverick attorneys in the new TNT series Franklin & Bash (trailer at bottom, premieres June 1). “He’s sort of a renaissance character, not a heavy, and if it’s not a heavy I’m interested immediately because I get so many heavies to do,” says McDowell. Here are his not-too-heavy thoughts on Made Man’s life advice questions.

MADE MAN: What one thing do you never leave home without?
MALCOM MCDOWELL: My cell phone, because I have three small children and I’m always expecting to have to pick them up at school or something.


MM: What’s your drink of choice after a tough day?
A nice cup of English breakfast tea with a wee bit of milk.


MM: What can a guy do in the morning to feel and look his best all day?
MMC: Just getting out of bed for me is the major thing. If I can get out of bed I’m ahead of the game!

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve received about men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women?
MMC: I have no good advice about women whatsoever—it’s a species I do not understand. My dad did not tell me a damn thing. He didn’t even give me the facts of life.  I have a very understanding wife, which you can well imagine. We’ve been married 20-odd years now.


MM: So you must be doing something right.
MMC: I’d like to think that, but she’d be the person to ask!


MM: What can Franklin & Bash teach guys about being better men?
MMC: I don’t think this show can teach anything to anybody and I hope it doesn’t even try. This show is pure and utter entertainment. It’s for amusement. It’s just a fun show and has some moral issues going through it but we don’t emphasize that. We’re just trying to have a good time.


MM: Any parting words of wisdom?
MMC: I wouldn’t presume to give anybody advice. Just live every moment in the moment.