Er, guy. After all, he’s hitched to the bisexual babe in real life, sexy True Blood co-star Anna Paquin, and the HBO show remains hugely popular as it steamrolls toward its Season 5 finale this Sunday. So we donned neck protection and asked this fine British actor about vampires, accents, TV, cars and, you know, his wife.

We drink blood together. Just your average, everyday couple.

MADE MAN: Why is everyone so fascinated with vampires?
I don’t know! I think it’s the fact that they can just keep going and going, no matter what happens. And they do have that sexual prowess.

MM: Are people surprised you don’t have an American accent?
All the time! They come up to me and say, “Hey you don’t have that accent,” and I’m like, “Oh yeah I do!”

MM: What do you like to watch on television?
I am obsessed with Breaking Bad.

MM: You raced at Toyota’s Grand Prix in Long Beach.
It was incredible. It’s a dream come true to race these cars, and it benefits charity. I used to dream about racing cars when I was a kid—I’d collect them! So it’s just so cool to have done that.

MM: How is it to drive that fast?
You really are concentrating hard to not make any mistakes. Especially because we haven’t had that much experience racing. But the whole experience has been amazing.

“Ve vant to suck your blood! Well, he does, anyway.”

MM: You’ve had fewer scenes with your wife this season. Miss her?
We got to know each other on set. And the whole crew knows us together. They have told us they miss seeing us together. Now, they could be lying, I don’t know!

MM: Was it an instant attraction between you?
I waited for her to tell me that she really fancied me before I admitted anything!

MM: We hear Anna works out like a demon to be able to wear those short shorts.
It is utterly insane! I have never seen anyone do what she does with so much happy gusto.

MM: What do you guys like to do as a couple?
We drink blood together. Just your average, everyday couple. On set, it can be fun to hang out. When we have downtime, we are often web surfing with our laptops. Someone took a picture of us last season doing just that. HBO Go is a fantastic way to spend your time!

MM: What about for a getaway?
Well, there’s always a quick 10 minutes in the trailer! We love to get away. Getting away is one of our indulgences. We absolutely love it. If we see a three-day window in our schedules, we are off…