A man recently ran in the famous Hood to Coast race in Portland Oregon wearing no shirt and merely ran with his safety vest and two band-aides to cover his nipples and keep the blood from forming a “sad clown” face on his chest. The famous Hood to Coast is a 196 mile race that is run from the top of Mt. Hood all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It is comprised of 12 team members of which 6 ride together for their “legs” of the race. What makes this story incredible is that other members of the “Wandering Elderberries” running team was forced to wear this nasty vest after the runner completed his leg, giving each member not only the distinct pleasure of knowing what a shirtless run would smell like but also a taste of what running covered in cat urine would smell and feel like as well. An incredible run that will be forever remembered by all that were a part of this epic feat.