Jalopnik has an incredible exclusive now about a man who had all his ducks in a row, and then ran them all over with a Lamborghini. Richard Jordan had a house and a fiancé – he had a steady job and everything seemed peachy. Then, his fiancé left him, and he went off the rails. He sold everything and used the money he had to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo – it cost him $180,000, and can reach a speed of 195 miles per hour. They say you can’t run from your problems, but with this car, you ought to be able to give them a run for their money.

This was in 2006, and since, Jordan had crossed the country three times, learned a lot about himself and received over 50 parking tickets. To learn more about the car, the man, the broken laws, the broken hearts, and everything else that rightly accompanies an odyssey like this, go to Jalopnik for the full article. Or, just soak up this illustrative quote from Jordan:

“I don’t travel without guns, I’ve been in too many situations so I always carry one or two guns with me,” Richard says. “A car like that is an assault on the senses, and you could be in a decent area and just be barraged by people and you never knew who you’re dealing with.”