Quick question: which NBA player is young, exciting, has amazing dreads and possibly the league’s best nickname? That would be one Kenneth “Manimal” Faried, a 6’8” power forward for the Denver Nuggets. We caught up with the Manimal at a recent adidas event to talk epic slam dunks, NBA dance teams and grilling. Plus, he gave us some advice on women you’ll probably never forget as long as you live…

“Best dunk ever? Vince Carter’s 360 windmill. That was crazy. I tried to do it and I was like, This is hard!

MADE MAN: What was the biggest surprise to you when you entered the league?
KENNETH FARIED: Just the speed and intensity of the NBA. It was like, Wow. And it didn’t matter how hard I went at practice to try to show the coach I can play, there were guys ahead of me who had proved themselves. So that was tough at first.

MM: You finished fourth in last year’s Slam Dunk Contest. What’s the best dunk in Slam Dunk Contest history, in your opinion?
KF: Vince Carter’s 360 windmill. That was crazy. I tried to do it and I was like, This is hard! He just went nuts that Slam Dunk Contest.

MM: Best dunk in an NBA game ever?
KF: Probably Blake Griffin when he dunked on Perkins. That was awful. That was filthy. I was shocked when I saw that.

MM: Hottest NBA dance squad?
KF: Miami. Ha ha. Miami.

Dunking with authority on the Grizzlies. Classic Manimal.

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about women, and who gave it to you?
KF: I don’t know if I can say this, but: “Never trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” Ha ha. My brother told me that.

MM: Favorite cut of meat?
KF: I eat chicken more than anything. But as far as steak… filet. I’ll eat a filet.

MM: You travel all across the country. Do you have a favorite barbecue place?
KF: I’m not really big on the whole barbecue thing. I like Ruth’s Chris a lot. But not really barbecue.

MM: OK, you’re grilling. Gas grill or charcoal grill?
KF: Charcoal. More flavor.

MM: Any parting words of wisdom for guys out there?
KF: Oh yeah. Have confidence. Whatever you do, have confidence.