We’ve dealt favorably with the Saddleback Leather company in the past, and we’ve got nothing but great things to say about their bags (especially the coffee-colored Overnight Bag). Anyway, we’re here to show their oft-missed section of leather accessories a little love.

These leather mouse pads come in the same 4 colors of leather as the bags do – black, chestnut, coffee brown, and tobacco – and we presume they have the same 100 year warranty that the bags do. Though, if you’re mousing that hard, you’ve got bigger issues to consider than your mouse pad budget.

The mouse pads were originally made for the Saddleback owner’s desk, and they’re crafted with full grain leather, high density Neoprene inner padding, and a suede no slip or scratch bottom. They all cost $32 – a deal for the last mouse pad you’ll ever have to buy. So, head to Saddleback Leather and get yours now.