You’re probably not the guy who goes to the bar and orders an appletini. Or a cosmo. (Right? Right?!?!?!) Maybe you always order beer. That’s fine, but if you want to raise your game when you are out drinking, you should think about switching over to something from this list of manly cocktails. For the sake of men everywhere–and the women who want to love them–have some self-respect and order a manly drink.

The Highball

This is a James Cagney/Humphrey Bogart/Dean Martin kind of drink. It’s easy; 2 ounces of whiskey (Canadian works great!) and a mixer of usually ginger ale, although sometimes soda water is used. Every bar has whiskey. And this drink has the word “ball” in it. Pretty manly.

Whiskey and Coke

Simple. Rugged. Manly. The whiskey and Coke is available everywhere, is impervious to bad bartenders and is the perfect drink for happy hour, wedding receptions and pre-gaming.

Dirty Martini

You can’t go wrong with the drink of Bond. Say that to yourself; it’s now your mantra and it almost rhymes. Vodka, an olive and a bit of olive juice and you just got dirty, my friend.

Tom Collins

Some guys are hesitant to accept this as a dude drink because it has the maraschino cherry in it, but we think it’s on the border of dude drinks so we’re gonna make the call on it right now: drink it and you’re still all man. To make it, just combine gin, lemon, simple syrup, club soda and then the cherry and a lemon slice. Good for sipping on hot days when you can do without all the calories of beer.


Nothing says “man” like sports and scotch. The hole-in-one will throw your testosterone across the room and slap that dude drinking his appletini in the face with it.  It will also slowly caress the neck of the girl you’ve been eyeing all night. Scotch, vermouth, lemon juice and some orange bitters all shaken together on ice and sipped.