The call of the great outdoors takes many forms. For some, it’s the quiet solitude of a day on the river. For others it’s a recharging hike in the woods. For many guys though, the best outdoors experiences are packed with adrenaline. And for unmanly men like me, that can be scary. Pushing through the fear, I checked out some manly outdoor pursuits recently. Here’s how I fared with driving a dune buggy.

I figured I’d ease my way into more macho activities with a dune buggy ride at the Oregon Dunes with Spinreel ATV & Dune Buggy Rentals. I saw it as a gateway activity for adrenaline junkies—start off simple before moving onto the harder stuff.

And I figured after driving a race car in Vegas this one would be easy.

The thing is, those sand dunes are more daunting than they look in photos. There’s the very real fear of tipping the buggy over—something the guys at Spinreel beat into my head with the safety video.

And with about 49 square miles of dunes all to myself, the neurotic in me envisioned the worst—a glorious spill down the side of a dune, pinned underneath a buggy too heavy to move, a pen-knife amputation à la 127 Hours to free myself, and a great movie that far too few would watch.

Or even worse… Sand People.

This is how my mind works.

Luckily all I walked away with was some sand in my shoes. And a great activity checked off my bucket list. Check it out if you’re in the area.