To truly appreciate Louie Mattar’s pimped-out 1947 Cadillac, you have to appreciate the time invested in it.

Louie bought the Caddy brand-new in 1947 and spent the next 7 years decking it out at a cost of $75,000.

Seventy-five grand may not seem like a huge amount, but that was in the 1950s. Adjust for inflation and Louie would have spent over $660,000 in today’s dollars.

What did he get for that money? Here’s a partial list:

Refrigerator, chemical toilet, electrical stove, television, washing machine, and ironing board (because every man about town needs one of those.)

And yes, even a kitchen sink.

A garage owner by trade, Louie did most of the work himself. The front seat housed some other manly necessities — a whiskey bar (this was the 1950s), a tape recorder, a car phone, a water pipe (reflecting Louie’s Lebanese background), and a loudspeaker and bullhorn, presumably so he could mock the drivers of inferior vehicles.

Louie was a bit obsessive about creating a car built for non-stop driving. He completed a few record-breaking feats in the vehicle, including non-stop trips from San Diego to New York and back, and another journey from Anchorage to Mexico City.

In order to accomplish his goal of not stopping (well, except for red lights and stop signs of course), Louie added a few more custom enhancements as well.

The car is designed so that it changes its own oil from a reserve in the trailer. Louie also added a hydraulic lift system which could raise the car onto an airplane tire, and a retractable side running board which allowed him and his men to get out and change tires while the car was still moving. The trailer held an extra 230 gallons of gasoline along with 50 gallons of water (both hot and cold thank-you), and the tires are self-inflating.

Other notable additions include an antenna that converts to a shower head and a drinking fountain hidden in the rear taillight.

Although many of the Louie’s enhancements come standard on any mobile home these days, you have to hand it to Louie; he was way ahead of his time. And his custom Cadillac certainly gets our vote for manliest car.