There are certain things in life that people need in order to survive: food, water, shelter, the company of family and friends, a decent wifi connection and, apparently, paying for sex. A new study suggests that the majority of men find paying for sex a necessity, but not particularly something they enjoy.

Research done by Victoria Milan, a dating site for those who are married or in serious relationships, looked at over 6,000 taken men. The study concludes that paying for sex is how a lot of men cheat on their partners.

Of all the men surveyed, almost half (47.3 percent) had reported paying for sex. Roughly a quarter (23.3 percent) paid for sex on a regular basis, almost once a week. Over a third (35 percent) stated that they didn’t find this experience “pleasurable;” rather, they did it for a “necessary sexual release.” Of the men who hired escorts, the vast majority (80 percent) booked for the minimum time possible—typically an hour—just to “get it over and done with.” Very few men (five percent) chose to stay the night as they are afraid of being caught.

Why do men feel the need to hire escorts and pay for sex? The study found two main reasons: Roughly 40 percent of men reported cheating by paying for sex because they couldn’t find someone to cheat with IRL and 36 percent said they cheated because their long-term partner was unable to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

“However the majority aren’t satisfied with the experience,” Sigurd Vedal, Victoria Milan CEO, states. “They are often disappointed when the escort doesn’t live up to the expectations in the bedroom or doesn’t look like her advertised picture.”

Moral of the story: If your wife or girlfriend can’t keep up with you in the bedroom, spending your money on an escort is probably a waste anyway. Oh, and it’s uncool.

Photo: iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz