Urban streetwear designer turned businessman, Marc Ecko, explains in a new video interview with Portfolio how hanging out with a bunch of stoners made him rich.

I wish I could embed the video but that’s not in the stars for today, the Portfolio men have it on lockdown. Check the above link though.

You may also remember Ecko as the guy who bought Barry Bonds’ record breaking homerun ball (pictured) for $752,467 last year. Looks like that plan was like totally half-baked too, dude. He then left it up to an online poll to decide what would become of the ball.

The option to brand the ball with a large asterisk (*) before handing it over to Hall of Fame officials beat out the other options of shooting it into space or returning it to the Hall unharmed. Coincidentally, it was also announced today that Ecko changed his plan for donating the ball. He now only wants to give it away on a ‘for loan’ basis. The Hall said it doesn’t play that game, and won’t be taking the ball. From press reports, it’s still unclear is Ecko ever actually branded the ball with the asterisk like he said he would.

Great moments in douchebag history. Somehow Barry Bonds came out the classier guy in the situation. After publicly calling Ecko ‘an idiot’ for creating the online poll, Bonds donated to the Hall of Fame the batting helmets he was wearing when he broke Hank Aaron’s career home run record. Now Ecko just looks like some spoiled punk who didn’t get his way.

UPDATE: Barry’s Ruined Ball Arrives At Hall of Fame

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