Marco Arturo, 12, makes videos on his Facebook page for thousands of followers. He’s a cool kid. He likes lizards.

Last week, he made a video exploring the link between vaccines and autism with the description “Vaccines DO cause autism.”

The video, posted to his Facebook page last week and then shared by Ashton Kutcher yesterday, starts with him speaking to the camera and explaining that he holds in his hands pages of evidence linking vaccines with autism. He warns that he’ll go through all of the evidence.

“After a lot of research I realized that vaccines do and will cause autism,” he explains, holding up an envelope with “Evidence that vaccines cause autism” scrawled on the front with a cute little drawing of a syringe.

Then he opens the folder only to reveal dozens of blank pages. He proceeds to beg parents to vaccinate their children and ends with a literal mic drop (one of the pages has “Mic” written on it that he, well, drops).

Marco drops the mic. Marco Arturo / Facebook

Marco drops the mic. Marco Arturo / Facebook

The video is so powerful that Ashton Kutcher shared it to his 18 million Facebook followers, and it now has over 4 million views.

We love this dude. He’s smart, speaks with confidence and poise, and isn’t afraid to make his point known. He’s since posted another video responding to haters and he’s equally eloquent – speaking firmly without going the douche route. He is, in short, a true young gentleman, and we want to hang out with him.

Wherever you stand on the vaccine thing, you have to admit this young man has a bright future ahead of him. Go Marco! More from you, please!