Maria Bartiromo loves her nickname the “Money Honey” so much she is has trademarked the name. According to the New York Post “Bartiromo, meanwhile, wants to take her “Money Honey” nickname to the bank. She’s trying to trademark her pet name for potential uses ranging from stuffed animals to coloring books. Her lawyer filed on Jan. 16 at least eight applications for use of the moniker, TVNewser reported”. She also has no problem kissing your as* on air as long as you fly her on your private jet. Todd Thompson flew her all over the world at Citigroup’s expense in exchange for fawning comments by Bartiromo and maybe a few somethings in the back of the limo. Citigroup was so pissed that the Citi’s CEO Chuck Prince had to tell Thompson to quit spending the companies’ money or her and then Thompson decided to leave for “personal interest” Since she likes her nickname perhaps I could offer her a few more that she might like.

MileHigh Maria

Free Ride Scribe

Cramer’s Shady Lady

Big Board Babe

The Mistress of Citigroup

Free Money Honey

Used to be “Econo Babe” now First Class Babe

The Investor Molestor

Miss Dis Clothes Her