Hauntoberfest is in full swing now, and you can expect the preliminary costume parties to start this coming weekend. Things are going to get very spooky all up in the national zeitgeist, and what better way to take the edge off than an appropriately-themed adult beverage?

Marilyn Manson thought so, too. That’s why he made this terrifying beverage that we’re somewhat hesitant to try, but that we feel darkly compelled to explore. It’s created by “experienced absinthe drinker and artist, Marilyn Manson,” and it actually uses that allegedly hallucinogenic ingredient, wormwood, so you can conjure your own little green fairy to hang out with you. Hopefully she’s as hot as the one in “Moulin Rouge” and not some fundamentally disturbing, Manson-inspired knockoff.

You can get this cursed beverage for $63 from Bevmo.  [Buy it]