Marisa Miller, the greatest American supermodel and most bodacious blonde bombshell we’ve ever met, recently set sail on a new campaign with Capt. Morgan’s spiced rum in which she has to drink rum and fight pirates while bearing a see-worthy amount of cleavage. Fair enough.

We were actually in Vegas last weekend for the premier to her short video and we got to chat her up a little bit about what it’s like to be the Captain’s first mate (great), what it’s like to learn to sword fight (tough), and how likely it is that one day we’ll be able to date a girl like her (statistically impossible).

Have you been rehearsing your pirate dialect? 

I’m not a pirate. I have my own speak; I’m getting the lingo down! I speak more like a buccaneer.

What was it that excited you most about working with Captain Morgan?

I think Captain Morgan stands for a sense of boldness and adventure and having fun. So, that’s what I’m excited about. And you’ll see in the video where I sword fight!

And how long did it take you to learn to sword fight? 

Probably about four days – we just kind of went for it every day. It was pretty fun. (did you use real swords?) Yeah! I mean, they had lighter ones that we could use, but we went with the real deal.

What’s your favorite rum drink?

Captain and diet cola. No carbs!

What was your favorite part of the shoot?

My favorite part was definitely doing the sword fighting. I love challenging and pushing my body in different ways. It was a really cool way to introduce people to the Captain’s world and I think people are going to find it pretty entertaining.

Worst part? 

You know, shoots are pretty grueling especially when you’re in tropical environments. If you’ve seen my outfits I have a lot of leather on, and we’re on the beach, and there’s a lot of humidity. So, it was really hot, but at the same time we all were having a great time. And, you know, that’s what it’s all about.

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