chicago cubs, mark cubanA little update for all the Chicago fanboys out there – looks like Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has now become the front runner in the massive sale of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and a partial Comcast ownership.

Last time we discussed this deal, it looked like the two dastardly options would be either a bunch of New Yorkers who owned Broadway shows and Taxi cab companies, or a group of shopping center developers. In our usual glib fashion, we postulated this would lead to Wal-Marts being erected in the outfield.

Thank you to the reader who e-mailed me saying that such a plan would be detrimental to the field of play. I guess it didn’t occur to me that it would be difficult to field fly balls out there with a fully-functioning Wal-Mart taking up so much space. Good point. But can’t they get someone to clean up all that ivy on the back wall?

Maybe Cuban will come in and clean house. As everyone’s favorite sports business reporter, Darren Rovell points out, under Cuban’s ownership the Mavericks went from being a 28 winning percentage chump to a 68 winning percentage contender. Additionally, the Mavs have made 8 straight playoff appearances. Clearly, the guy knows how to own a sports team.

Cuban appears to be the top bidder with a $1.3 billion offer, but he isn’t the only one left yet. We’ll find out in the next few weeks if that bid holds up. As of right now, it seems a little high. Initially, Cubs owners said they would be surprised to see a bid over $1 billion, but maybe they were just playing the lowball game?

How does everyone feel about Cuban owning another team? Or more importantly, how do Chicagoans feel about Marky Mark taking the reigns?

CNBC: Mark Cuban and the Latest On Chicago Cubs Bids, July 25, 2008

photo via Deadspin