A new study out of the Swedish Institute for Social Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has found a correlation between the mortality rates of men and the education level of the women they marry. Specifically, men married to women that are well-educated live longer. From the study: 

For men, the wife’s education is more important for the mortality risk than his own education, when the man’s social class is included in the model. For women, the husband’s social class yields larger mortality differences than own occupational measures. Women’s education and men’s social class are particularly important for women’s deaths from circulatory diseases.

So, for women, it’s less important that you went to school and more important that you’re part of a higher social class. So, just so long as you’re getting off your butt and doing something, she should be okay. 

The study goes on to conclude that, indeed, social class and education are of primary importance for one’s own mortality (if you are well educated and of a higher social class, you’ll live longer. Duh). But, they do affirm the somewhat surprising relationship between one’s partner’s class/education and one’s own mortality.

Which, of course, makes sense.  If you marry a smarter girl, you’ll have somebody to talk to more often, live a less stressful life, and have an overall more positive outlook which has been proven to increase cardiovascular health. So, don’t go for the bubble headed blondes, boys. Go for the sexy, smart girls instead.