Spring is nearly here and with the climbing temperatures your skin might be going through some changes.

For instance, my skin tends to get oilier as the weather gets warmer and drier when the winter rolls in. But I simply enlist help from some of my favorite brands.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Masks are for girls, and you’re totally averse to it. But lots of stuff women have done for centuries has proven to have benefits for men, too. Like shampooing, shaving, even manicures. So brace yourself, throwing on a mask is no different.

Currently, my favorite skincare product is the Sisley All-Day All-Year—it has the benefit of a mask and moisturizer all in one, prevents aging and protects your skin from the sun. You leave it on overtop your regular moisturizing routine and reapply it after eight hours.

If my skin needs a quick pick-me-up, sometimes after a night of drinking, I will use the Dior Capture Totale One-Minute Mask. You leave it on for just one minute and it exfoliates the face. It’ll freshen you up and make you look more awake and hydrated—like you never had a hangover in the first place! (Note: Never do this after you shave. It will burn.)

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to an end-of-day routine, I do tend to get a tad lazy. I never feel totally in the mood to lather up my face before going to bed. But, if you haven’t tried any overnight masks, you are simply missing out. My personal favorite is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hydraulic Mask, which is meant to be kept on overnight so it can hydrate and firm the skin. Basically, it’ll keep you looking like a million bucks even when you feel more like 20.

So gentlemen, don’t be afraid to mask it up at night! The benefits can last a lifetime.

Photo: iStock/andreusK