So the latest installment in the rejuvenated Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, is hitting theaters now. And while you might not be the type to suit up in full cosplay regalia—who wants to sit through the whole flick in a scratchy Chewie suit?—there’s no reason you can’t showcase your fandom with class.

That’s where STATE Bags comes in. Their new Star Wars-themed collection features a variety of cool backpacks that nod to the films without being all Jar-Jar Binks obnoxious about it. Nah, their stuff is stylish and functional, meaning you can rock these packs long after the high of this excellent film wears off.

And much like a Jedi using the Force for good, you can feel great about supporting STATE, because for every bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack—already loaded with the tools for success—to an American child in need. How rad is that?

Check out a few of our favorite STATE Star Wars packs below. The Force is strong with them.

Fun fact: R2-D2 and his buddy C-3P0 are the only characters to appear in all the films. And this mini pack ($80) is perfect for pint-sized droids, er, children.

R2’s bipedal bro has always been the pretty one. And so it is with this Luxe pack ($185), which boasts a leather hood and room for a 13-inch laptop.

Storm troopers rarely travel alone, as this mini pack ($80) makes abundantly clear. The inside features a little placard reading “Open the blast doors!”

The next time your lady can’t settle on a hairstyle, hand her the Princess Leia pack ($85), which showcases a variety of her highness’s looks, including the classic space buns, and a placard reading “You’re a jittery little thing, aren’t you?”

Last but certainly not least is this black beauty. Like the Leia pack, the Darth Vader pack ($95) boasts several external pockets and an interior laptop sleeve. It’s also got the Imperial Crest, plus a cool Storm Trooper helmet lining and a placard reading “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” Because of course.