The world’s largest fast food chain is changing things up with self-serve kiosks for ordering meals, table service and unlimited french fries. Two recently opened “McDonald’s of the Future”-type locations—one in St. Joseph, Missouri and one in New York City—mimic “fast-casual” restaurants like Panera and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The unlimited fries for the first few months will come with specialty orders like customized hamburgers. Of course, customized hamburgers (think: ciabatta rolls, Sriracha mayo and creamy garlic sauce) come with a hefty price tag for McDonald’s customers: they can go for $10, more than twice the cost of a Big Mac. So you’re essentially paying for the extra fries by paying for that premium bun. That said, they’ve eliminated high-fructose corn syrup from their buns, too, so maybe it’s worth it? You decide.

Real talk: Wendy’s always had better fries, anyway.