Wallstrip today is about McDonalds today so I thought I would give my feelings on Mickey D’s. I would comment over at Howards blog but I am so tired of being blocked by WordPress’s Akismet at his two sites that I’m tired of trying so I’ll just keep all my thoughts here.

I like McDonalds. I really do. I eat their salads at least once a week. Yes their stock is much higher and the menu has expanded, but there is so much more to be done. Here are some words of wisdom I give to McDonalds management.

1. If you are going to spend all that money adding the extra windows at all your restaurants, use the damn things. I am sick of trying to guess which window to go to or being yelled at by an 15 year old kid to stop because they are actually using it today. How many windows do they have 8 or 9? Half of them hold all the extra cups.

2. Make sure you have someone intelligent doing things that the general public is going to see. I realize the talent pool is thin but it is your own fault. It is embarrassing to work at McDonalds , especially if you are a white suburban kid. Not because of the restaurant itself but because the pay sucks and you’re surrounded by incompetent people, including management. Signs, display, and clean up has to be done properly or you get Internet fodder like this.

3. What happened to a smile? If I get another “look away” from some “I don’t want to be here” girl working the drawer when getting my change, I am going to jump the counter and draw a smile on her face . A smile is the best thing you can teach in customer service. Look at Chipotle, your own offspring, and see how they smile. Oh, yeah, these are the Hispanics that America doesn’t seem to want yet they are the only ones in the fast food industry that still serve with a smile. (obviously not always true but right more than wrong) My feelings? If they don’t smile send them home.

4. Watch out for the kids. They are doing a MUCH better job and need to keep it up. I don’t blame them for the fat ass children but they certainly can help. Smaller portions and play areas that promote exercise. Chalk one up for McDonalds. Hey parents, remember going to Mickey D’s should be a treat not a place we eat dinner 3 times a week.

5. Watch the quality. The salads used to be the best around and now they suck just like all the other food (except the fries) When they were first promoting the salads they were huge, fresh, and had the chicken nicely cut up on top. Now they hardly put any lettuce, which looks limp, and the chicken is thrown on the top in a lump. They had a good thing and they are about to lose it.

6. Find some food other than burgers that are tasty and better for you. They seem to try things in other countries but they have yet to bring out anything major besides the salads in a few years. I’ll make it easier. How about a new burger this decade?

7. Keep it consistent. ALL the stores should be the same. I don’t care if they are independently owned or not. They are either frickin McDonalds or they’re not. They all should take credit cards or none. They all should have .69 cent Cokes or not. The BS of each independent chosing what they do is wrong.

8. Finally, I’ll add a bit more to the employees. There are two parts to McDonalds. Food and employees. The employees are embarrassing. I dread dealing with them. I have a great innovative way to get better quality employees. PAY THEM A LIVING WAGE! If you pay people properly you could actually get someone decent. It will snowball and there could be a time when kids might want to work there because they pay pretty well.

Mickey D’s. If you do this I can avoid this ridiculous sign in the future