How do you follow up the debut of your flagship superyacht? You promise two even bigger ones. That’s the strategy of Emirates-based yacht builder Gulf Craft, which, after unveiling their Majesty 155 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, announced plans to begin manufacturing two more yachts, each measuring more than 50 meters in length.

This marks Gulf Craft’s first foray into yachts this large, but there’s reason to feel bullish about their abilities. Winners of the 2016 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder” award, these guys have been in the business since 1982, and they are masters of size, scope and amenities. 

So if you’ve moved beyond jet skis, canoes, paddleboats, speed boats, schooners and your average, pedestrian 40-meter yachts, you might want to give them a call.

The new ships, dubbed the Majesty 200 and Majesty 175, clock in at 61 meters (200 feet) and 53 meters (174 feet), respectively. That offers plenty of room for available features like a retractable helipad, lavish interiors, entertainment rooms and spacious lounging areas. Both designs will be built to order, allowing the lucky recipient to make customizations along the way, from the number of cabins, to build materials, configuration and all those extras noted above.

We’re particularly fond of the helipad idea, and might also suggest a miniature golf course, plus a traditional hammam to work out those post-mini-golf kinks. Just be sure that your finances are in order, because while there’s no set price given to the bespoke build, we can assume it’s not cheap.