So JoJo Babie claims she’s our favorite Asian girl, and after checking out her Instagram feed, we’re pretty sure she’s right. Not only does this chick have a lovely face, but her body is straight bangin’. With a bumpin’ booty and bouncy bust, she proves Asian women can have curves. No wonder she’s got more than 7 million followers. More evidence below.

1. She’s about that gym life, and obviously it’s working wonders.

2. JoJo is into superheroes. Who wouldn’t want to be her Batman?

3. She’s a pet lover. A very sexy pet lover, that is.

4. Miss JoJo is patriotic AF. God Bless America!

5. The girl isn’t afraid to eat. Want a bite?

6. You know a chick is something serious if she’s sexier than a car…

7. She likes to pose topless, and we aren’t complaining about that at all.

8. JoJo is pretty much the queen of underboob, too. We’re not drooling, you’re drooling!

9. She can keep it classy and still look hot AF.

10. Into playing dress up in the bedroom? JoJo digs it, too.