While this beguiling blonde will charm you with her sweet smile, when it comes to acting, Madeline Brewer is kind of a badass. As the tough as nails, cornrowed junkie Tricia Miller on Netflix’s must-bingewatch, Emmy-nominated series, Orange is the New Black, she had attitude to spare. More recently, the Jersey girl has portrayed the mysterious, tatted-up Miranda Cates on another Netflix original series, Eli Roth’s über-creepy Hemlock Grove. We caught up with 22-year-old rising star at GBK Productions’ pre-Emmy gifting suite to talk about swag, fitness and, of course, dating.

You are attending the Emmy Awards tonight…
I am so excited! I am so thrilled, it’s my very first one. I can’t wait to go and be a part of it. I want to support not only every other show but also Orange is the New Black and be there to help represent Netflix. Netflix are my homies!

What swag do you think a guy would like here?
I really love the Maxim queen mattress—it is so great. And I just checked out the David Barton gym membership. I was looking into boxing recently. It looks like a great way to get some cardio and get your aggression out. Which I have a lot of because I am from Jersey! It looks fantastic.

“If you’re a geek and the girl you like doesn’t feel the same, go find another girl to geek out with.”

What do you do to work out?
I am not huge on the fitness thing. I do yoga and like taking walks. I live in New York and I am constantly walking around Central Park. I like having scenery with my exercise.

Got any dating advice?
Be yourself. If someone doesn’t like you, go find someone else! If you’re a geek and the girl you like doesn’t feel the same, go find another girl to geek out with.

What kind of guy do you look for?
I look for someone who has a sense of humor, doesn’t care what others think and isn’t superficial. Because I am definitely not either.

Soon, we’ll find out if Hemlock Grove has been renewed for a third season. What would you like to see happen with your character?
I’d like to see her work on her PTSD. That’s definitely something she needs to deal with…

Photo: regardmag.com