With the US Open upon us, it’s high time we introduced you to Maide, a fresh new golf brand that even guys who spend most of their time drinking in the clubhouse can rock with confidence. What makes this Bonobos offshoot so great? Well, the name is Gaelic for “club,” and it blends golf’s traditional fashion with modern silhouettes and fabrication to create the first contemporary heritage golf brand. Think of it as taking all the coolness and class of old-school golfers and bringing it into 2013. That means striped cardigans, retro detailing on tailored performance pants, slim polos… all with the bold and irreverent aesthetic expected from Bonobos. But don’t take our word for it, peep this video…

…then check out a couple of their finest offerings below. We can’t promise it’ll make you play better, but we can guarantee it’ll make you look better. And isn’t that what’s really important?

Red Performance Pique Polo Golf Shirt
by Maide, $78

Green Performance Golf Pants
by Maide, $108