WallstreetFighter is about having fun and making money but fun is not just jokes and pretty girls. You have to have a good time but your mind has be sharp and have the ability to think and compute quickly. There is no quicker thinker than Mike Byster. Mike Byster used to be a trader, not a great trader but a good one. What he is though, is the newest math genius that is bringing math back into fashion. He is going to change the world of math . He is reputed to have the fastest mathmatical mind is the world. He is tired of watching kids more interested in reading about Lindsay Lohan going to AA and video games than good old math. Mike Byster has decided to take to the road and make math fun for everyone. He is introducing books, videos, and give talks to 200 classes a year. He even has his own cartoon. Here is how he’s introduced “Mike leaves both students and teachers amazed at his capacity for calculating complex math problems instantly in his head.

As a student, Mike was far from a straight-A math student – in fact, he received mostly Cs, Ds and Fs in his math studies because his teachers didn’t agree with Mike’s unique approach to problem-solving.

To ease his math difficulties, Mike invented games and tricks that make math more fun.

Mike teaches students shortcuts that make their math homework a breeze.

Even more fun, Mike teaches magic tricks with math that amaze adults and students alike.

By day, Mike is a commodities trader in Chicago, but in his free time he demonstrates math techniques that help improve memory, mental capacity and flexibility”

The Sun-Times did a nice article on Mike and they point out that he does not charge schools for his talks but he is monetizing his skills through the books and videos mentioned above. What I find amazing is that he makes learning math so fun and easy that he has been able to teach complex math equations to learning disabled children who never showed mathmatical ability at all.

For those who want to learn more about Mike go to Mikesmath.com

A good article on Mike Byster

Mike the cartoon character

Here’s an interesting way to instantly figure out what day of the week you were born. Ok instantly for Mike but you better grab a calculator but cool none the less.

Think you can outnumber Mike?

Try out this mind-boggling math trick to wow your friends and family:
What day of the week were you born?

Each month corresponds to a number:
January: 1
July: 0
February: 4
August: 3
March: 4
September: 6
April: 0
October: 1
May: 2
November: 4
June: 5
December: 6

Let’s say you were born:
May 23, 1995.

1. Take the last two digits of the year: 95

2. Multiply it by 5: 95 × 5 = 475

3. Divide that number by 4: 475 ÷ 4 = 118.75

4. Remove the decimal point and all the numbers to the right of the decimal point: 118.75 = 118

Note: If there is no decimal point you were born in a leap year, so skip this step.

5. Add the month code. Look at the chart, the month code for May is 2: 118 + 2 = 120

6. Add the date. In this case, it is 23: 120 + 23 = 143

7. Use your calculator and divide by 7: 143 ÷ 7 = 20.428571

8. The first number to the right of the decimal point in Step 7 corresponds to your birth day of the week. It is 4. Go to the chart below and you see that 4 is a Tuesday. So, if you were born on May 23, 1995 you were born on a Tuesday.
Days of the Week Codes:
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 7
Friday: 8
Saturday: No Decimal
Sunday: 1

If there is no decimal after Step 7, you were born on a Saturday.

The only time this does not work exactly as above is if you were born in January or February of a leap year. In that case, you were born one day earlier than the pattern.
Example: If you were born in say January, 1992 (a leap year) and you figured out from the steps that you were born on a Thursday, you were actually born on a Wednesday.