Update: Not as good as I thought but still great looking and some time with a coach might get her to Nashville
Every week I am going to give you a bright young star that will make more money than you will. This weeks’ star is Kellie Pickler. If you don’t know who Kellie Pickler is she is the a contestant on American Idol. Not only is she cute but she can sing as well. You can make it on looks (Jessica Simpson) or talent (Kelly Clarkson) but this young lady has both. She also has a sad story which the media loves. Her mother abandoned her and her Father is in jail and has been in out her whole life. I may have not been given many talents when I was born but I know talent when I see it. I can also smell money. I see both in Kellie Pickler. No doubt in my mind she will be a big star even if she doesn’t win the show. Judge for yourself (audition link taken down due to heavy volume)

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