When you’re out camping in the wilderness, you never know what you might need, so it’s best to come prepared with all the essentials. And when most of those essentials (tent notwithstanding) are available via one multitool that fits on your belt, well, all the better.

The Muncher is a “camping titanium multi-utensil” (their words, obviously) from Full Windsor, the outdoor accessories people. It was quickly funded on Kickstarter, but the campaign’s still going on. So you can back the project by preordering one for yourself, with shipping expected to begin next spring.

When it arrives, what you’ll get is a tool roughly the size of a bottle opener. And, sure, it opens bottles, but it also acts as a spork, can opener, serrated knife, peeler, cord cutter, boxcutter and screwdriver. Even the case is useful, sporting a carabiner and flint in case you need to start any fires while rock climbing.

That’s a whole lot of utility packed into a small, durable gadget—one that weighs a scant 0.7 ounces. That’s because it’s made from aerospace grade titanium.

Which should be helpful in the event of turbulence.