Dickies only got it half right. You see, there is nothing more chic than a classic turtleneck, but that faux-flap is covering up the most sensual part of a man’s physique. Ditch the baby bib and opt for a real garment—the TurtleV.

Makers of TurtleV have taken both comfort and style into consideration in this head-turning avant-garde design offered in only the most luxurious fabrics and colorways (Aspen White, Monaco Black and Paris Grey). It’s important to keep in mind the TurtleV is not just another shirt. It begs to be worn. Like something out of that classic Andy Samberg-Ben Stiller digital short, the TurtleV not only makes you look super sexual, but it promotes social attention and general life performance (with bar graphs to prove it).

turtlevLeft: doing it wrong Right: doing it right

Think Andy Warhol meets Sofia Vergara—classy, sassy, and totally badassy. So go on, tuck your flowing man mane into that turtle and strut your shit. We all know Kickstarter changes lives. Back the TurtleV campaign now to get dibs on a first edition before they are totally f’ing sold out.