You know those impeccably neat desks you see in movies? The ones that are empty except for a single framed picture and usually belong to some handsome, mysterious gentleman? And you can’t help but wonder where the rest of the stuff is—like, where’s all the crap that any normal person has?

Well now, thanks to the Woolsey Desk Agent ($3,850), you can be that guy. This desk is beautiful—constructed of American Black Walnut and a steel powder coated base. But it’s also really useful: It has hidden drawers and compartments so you can store all your random stuff and still have a clean desk.

The desk is named after James Bond, and rightfully so—it’s sexy in appearance but functional without frill. It boasts two drawers and a lockable stow area, perfect for your laptop or whiskey (or both, if that’s how you roll). It also features a 2 power/4 USB magnetic power block that can be shifted depending where you need juice. And it has a mouse-pad worthy of Q—a strong magnetic wood geode lifts the built-in leather pad up to reveal a hidden compartment perfect for additional storage.

Just don’t be surprised if you start getting urgent calls from M.