Surfing the city’s uneven streets can be a lot easier said than done, unless you’ve got something like Allrover’s Stair-Rover—a longboard designed for urban terrain.

The newly available Allrover board is made of a ply maple deck and boasts eight 60mm 80a wheels in conjunction with flexible V-frames, custom 50-degree aluminum trucks and an engineered thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers that significantly reduce the impact of rough surfaces. When you reach stairs, the wheels bounce up and down independently of one another, and also conform to the shape of each step; it does a sort of crab-like scuttle to get you to the bottom. Weighing in at just nine pounds, and at just under three feet long, this board is easier to carry along for when you have to head up stairs—plus it comes equipped with a handle.

For $250 you’re essentially getting a trackless tank that’ll traverse stairs, drains, cobblestone streets, you name it. Don’t believe us? Check out the funky Taiwanese video below.

Allrover's Stair-Rover