In Made Man’s ongoing quest for the best vehicle to ride out an apocalypse and look cool in the process, we’ve come across some pretty badass machines. Take, for example, this 700-horsepower warlord by Hauk Designs dubbed the Rock Rat. We’ll spare you the boring in-depth analysis, but below you’ll find some key bullet points about the monster climber, plus some eye-popping pics. Along with the recently released featurette about Fury Road: Blood and Chrome Edition, they are sure to have you daydreaming about surviving a Mad Max type situation—with Charlize Theron by your side, of course.

In addition to a turbocharged 700-horsepower six-cylinder diesel engine with the capability of putting out up to 950 horses, the Rock Rat also packs 1,200 lb.-ft. of torque, roughly equivalent to the power of four standard Jeep Wranglers.

The build for the Rock Rat started with a reproduced ’47 Willys CJ-2A body—updated with modern touches.

Far from just a cool showpiece, the Rock Rat is engineered to be an all-out rock climber with special features like a custom onboard air system and nitro-charged struts you can adjust to tackle tough terrain.

The Rock Rat’s unique exterior color resulted from a mix of a copper and blue spray application with a torch flame to give the effect of a heat-treated metal.

Every element of the Rock Rat is inspired by the idea of retooling the old into something new, including the use of a vintage trunk found on Craigslist modified with Kicker components for an audio system.

Details like custom bucket seats with diamond-stitched brown leather add to the Rock Rat’s vintage appeal.

The headlights feature custom skull-etched lenses and custom airbrushed bezels, adding to the Jeep’s menacing look.

Rounding out the Rock Rat’s one-of-a-kind look are 44-inch tires on special beadlock wheels, fit for anything you might encounter on and off road. Consider yourselves warned, war boys!