You could be in the simplest outfit and change your entire look with a loafer, a brogue, a sneaker, anything. They all have the power to transform you and make you feel unstoppable. That said, some footwear can make or break you.

There is one shoe trend that’s been making a comeback from the early 2000s… and we can’t seem to figure out why. Gentlemen, unless your work requires you to wear them, leave your Timberland boots alone and at home. Better idea: Don’t buy them in the first place.

Timberlands are suddenly on the feet of both men and women everywhere. And while these boots have somehow made their way into the closets of too many, I can’t see why anyone thinks that wearing a boot that appear four sizes too big and clunky looks good with anything. It baffles my mind that people choose these shoes over something like a Ferragamo.

Here’s the thing: These shoes are made to protect men and women who need them during manual labor. That’s totally OK. What’s not OK? Let’s say, for instance, you are taking your girlfriend or boyfriend to dinner and are wearing all black, but then BAM—large and in charge Timberlands. Not OK. Talk about a turnoff.

Yes, I get that Tims are trendy and, yes, I have been subjected to awful trends before. But, please, leave these at home and grab yourself a nice Chelsea or Combat boot instead. Because those boots were, in fact, made for walking.