Unsolicited dick pics—why are they a thing? And not just any thing… Unwarranted dick pics are rife. Men are mass-messaging them by the droves.

I’m 25, single and on dating apps, to which I absolutely attribute the evermore pervasive hook-up culture of my generation. And perhaps because I’m on dating apps, I’ve received a lot of penis photos for which I have never asked. Wait… Dating apps are causation for neither sexual subjection nor exploitation, but yet, they are… I’d blinked and I now live in a world where fact and flawed have somehow become synonymous.

In fact, dick pics are so pandemic, sometimes the build-up to send one spans up to five years—back when dating apps were considered social suicide and guys had to seek other outlets like, say, Facebook Messenger.


If only that kind of build-up translated in bed. Alas, I digress.

I’m a shamelessly sexually expressive woman and, like many women, I can find consensual sexting stimulating. That said, I don’t know a single woman who’s found pleasure in waking up to a hairy ball sack on her Snapchat feed. I do, however, know many women, myself included, who’ve contacted the police when creeps flash their flaccid phalluses in public. Public. That’s the issue in today’s world, where privacy becomes public domain. Private space is effortlessly penetrable, and guys are looking to penetrate.

Why do you guys send unsolicited dick pics? Probably for a number of reasons. Some are desperately seeking validation. For others, the digital dissemination of dicks is just another symptom of narcissism—right up there with Selfie Sundays and the entire essence of Twitter. It’s like, this sort of radically exhibitionist act puts them on a power trip, because they’ve been told their junk is the epitome of their masculinity. Some think we want it because they’d want one; men are visual, which is why our porn industry is worth billions. It’s like they’re so graciously giving us free porn, willingly making themselves vulnerable for us. Or… they just want us to return the favor!

Who the hell knows? So I finally just asked one dick-pic-offender last night. Here’s what he had to say on the epidemic.


Conclusion: There’s a myriad of reasons why guys send dick pics and it all boils down to… They just don’t think it through. So, guys, start thinking with your heads. Your other heads.