Guys. Guys. We’re fans of a good polo shirt here at Made Man. With the right fit, it’s a nice step up from a t-shirt while providing a bit of formal class with a tipped collar. But we cannot, for the lives of us, figure out why some of you are tucking those things in.

Perhaps you think that because your polo has a tail – variable hems – that, like a button-down shirt, it was meant to be tucked in. Perhaps back in the 50s that was the case, but that tail is now just a little bit of fashion. Leave that shirt untucked.

Maybe you’re a golfer and golfers tuck their shirt in, so you think that polo you’re wearing to work should also be tucked in. No. You’re not golfing at work, and if you are, you’re a professional golfer and you can do whatever the heck you want anyway.

Tucked-in polos balloon out. They bunch up under belts. They make you look like trade show salesmen. Stop.

Coming soon: Why you need to stop wearing untucked, striped button downs.