A while back, we held that tucking in your polo shirt was a thing of the past, something that must be retired. Most of you agreed. Some didn’t, pointing to such icons like James Dean who clearly got away with the polo tuck. Fair enough – if you look like James Dean you can probably do whatever you want and you don’t need fashion advice because you’re making things work in whatever it is you throw upon your Adonis self. You go.

As for the rest of you, let’s talk about the un-tucked, pinstriped button down shirt. When men started wearing their striped button downs hung un-tucked over jeans in the 90s, it was a safe statement for those who had to still keep it together but wanted an edge: post-work casual but with the formality and slimming of the stripe. Our shirttails playfully hung over our junk in the front and our trunk in the back. It said, “I’m an adult but I’m done with my work day. Time to play.”

It worked. The un-tucked, striped button down became an icon of the business-casual man who worked during the day and hit the clubs at night. It became a Vegas Nightclub staple. Throw on a blazer to frame the whole thing and you were instant middle management. The look flooded every Banana Republic and Armani Exchange, complete with little wing badges that begged to be left out for all to see.

But its time has come. Men: Stop wearing the un-tucked, striped button-down shirt. You have worn this out and the look has been co-opted by those who do not know any better. Let them have it. Move on.

Ever watch Hardcore Pawn? You know the son, Seth? The douchey guy who’s always wearing an un-tucked striped shirt, like, every day? (How many of those does he have, by the way?) Notice how he looks like a guy who is stuck in the past – a past when he had a full head of hair and a college course schedule? Seth could update his image in one moment: Shave the head and lose the shirt.

It’s gone too far. Even worse are the super-long striped button downs that reach mid-thigh, as if the rebellion of un-tucking your shirt tails wasn’t enough, as if to say “Not only am I un-tucked, I am striped, and I am standing in line in front of last year’s night club!”

Stop, guys. Trust us on this.

If you’re dead-set on wearing your button downs un-tucked, we won’t get in your way, but drop the pinstripes. Go with solids, checks, and subtle patterns.

You’re welcome.