By: Charley Anne Prescott

If you don’t currently wear cologne, you definitely should consider searching for a signature fragrance that suits your varying lifestyle and sense of taste. Why? Simply because women dig men who smell good. To the female psyche, the captivating scent of an extraordinary cologne generates a powerful, long-lasting memory. 

How do you know if your existing cologne has this effect on the opposite sex? A superior cologne will literally grab a woman’s attention, where she will be compelled to ask what you are wearing and pay you a compliment. Women are somewhat predictable in that respect — a good cologne truly appeals to the senses. The compliments and inquiries may come at anytime or anyplace — at the gym, inside an elevator, at the office or in a department store. If your current fragrance of choice does not elicit this type of response from women — get rid of it. Step up your game, and begin the search for a better one.     

How to Shop for a Signature Scent

Nobody wants to wear an offensive cologne that keeps other people at bay — the proper fragrance should enhance your body’s own natural scent. Always remember that if you smoke, consume spicy foods, etc — your body’s natural chemistry will be altered to some extent. Even if you don’t do those things — a fragrance will express itself differently on each individual. Anytime you add a fragrance into the mix — you may or may not achieve the result that you desire in terms of scent. For this reason — perform the in-store “sniff” test and always “try before you buy.”

Obtain a few samples of fragrances you like from a retail store. Ask the women in your life to assist you in choosing the best cologne regarding the actual scent. Consider which fragrance suits your individual sense of style and taste. 

The Test Run

Give each fragrance sample a “test run” at home, to make sure it combines well with your natural body chemistry. Apply cologne to the pulse points of clean skin — neck, wrist and behind the ears. You can also mist the chest or back. Restraint is key — stick to 1-2 sprays per application. Determine if you still like the scent of the fragrance hours later. After a few days of testing samples of cologne, make your final decision in terms of exactly which cologne to buy. 

Ultimately, we know you want to find a fragrance that has a tantalizing effect on the opposite sex. We asked a few of our female readers to reveal their favorite fragrances — sexy scents they simply cannot get enough of on men. Based upon our own insight and their recommendations, we compiled a list that includes a sampling of the best colognes for men — according to women. With any luck, the list will help you to discover a signature scent of your own in no time.          

Best Colognes for Men – According to Women

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme. A versatile woody fragrance that is ideal for the young professional man of today. Captivating classic style at its best. Notes – Bergamot, Cedar, White Ginger, Basil Flower and White Pepper. Nordstrom, $57. 

“Sexy, sophisticated, enthralling and totally on point. It smells delicious. What more can I say?” — Alicia C.

John Varvatos Artisan. A modern yet timeless fragrance presented in a hand-woven rattan flask. The scent is citrus with a spicy twist. Notes – Sicilian Clementine, Tangelo, Mandarin, Thyme and Marjoram. Sephora, $58

“I really like the John Varvatos Artisan, because the scent is clean and alluring without overpowering my senses. It seems like a fragrance that is suitable for men of all ages…I would recommend it for any guy.” — Allison R.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier. Although Le Male has certainly been around for quite a while, it remains a favorite among the ladies. A subtle fragrance that is the epitome of sensuality in a man. The scent is soft, but masculine at the same time. Notes – Bergamot, Wormwood and Cardamom. Macy’s, $58.

“Totally addicted to Le Male…and I have been for years. I must admit that I purchased this fragrance for my last 3 boyfriends. If we were talking about football…I’d say this player is in the Hall of Fame.” — Lara P.

Ermenegildo Zegna Colonia. A classic masculine fragrance that perfectly matches the expected Zegna refinement and fashion. Notes – Bergamot, Cardamom and Neroli over Benzoin, Cedar and Musk. Sephora, $55. 

“Light and fresh. Ermenegildo Zegna Colonia makes me think of romance, masculinity and sophistication at the same time.” — Hannah L.

CREED Virgin Island Water. A crisp citrus fragrance full of creativity, vitality and energy. Intended for the man with discriminating taste. Notes – Bergamot, Lime, Mandarin, Jasmine and Musk. Neiman Marcus, $130. 

“Virgin Island Water is seductive and masculine. When my boyfriend wears this fragrance, it always reminds me of vacationing with him in Antigua. A little bottle that holds the essence of summer vacation, and being near the ocean. Heat, passion and love…I adore it!” — Alana A.    

Additional Fragrances to Consider

Diesel Fuel For Life Pour Homme

Ralph Lauren Polo Black

Versace Pour Homme

Lacoste Essential Sport

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

Final Thoughts

As you shop for a fragrance, the goal is obtaining a signature scent that women will enjoy as much as you do. This is precisely the reason why at least one quality cologne is an essential investment for any man. Avoid the typical drugstore labels — instead stick with tried and true premium fragrances from department and specialty stores. 

When it comes to selecting a men’s fragrance — opt for extraordinary. Stay away from run of the mill scents, if you desire to be a cut above the rest. 

Despite how you dress on a daily basis, a quality cologne can upgrade your persona, and improve your own swagger. While at work or play — rocking a wonderful fragrance is equivalent to sporting a fresh haircut, or a pair of fashionable Italian shoes.    

Your signature scent should always reveal something about who you are as a man — without you having to say a single word. A signature scent never screams — it merely whispers. At all times, your fragrance’s whisper should exude varying degrees of warmth, masculinity and mystery to those around you — infused with a subtle sense of both sensuality and style.