The only thing bad about convertibles is if your hair doesn’t exactly lend itself to the wind-tousled look.  That, or if your bald, the sunburn. Mercedes has made a fix for the first problem, though, with their new AIRCAP technology available in the 2011 E-Class convertible.

The way it works is that, at the push of a button, a front and rear air spoiler are activated which create a quieter, less turbulent cabin area. See the picture below.

Also, if you’d rather focus on the driving than the management of minimal wind, the AIRCAP is speed sensitive (like the radio volume in most vehicles or the rear spoiler on a Porsche), so that when you hit a certain mph, it’s activated for you. AIRCAP was also designed to work with their other air management system, AIRSCARF which creates a pocket of warm air around the passenger and driver allowing for top-down driving even in chillier climes. Check out both systems in action on the 2011 E-Class